How to Deal with Leaders who Micromanage?

Managers who micromanage their teams do so because they feel responsible for their employees' progress and contribution. They might also avoid delegating responsibilities to others, and attempt to correct their employees' faults themselves. Micromanagers also have a tendency to intervene in even trivial matters and practice their authority to the fullest in all scenarios.

Article by Harris Khawar

March 23, 2022


Should Marketing be Direct or Indirect?

Branding and marketing is an essential part of any company’s operations and business strategy, which is why it is important for firms to expend time and effort to meticulously plan their marketing techniques. Especially in the aftermath of COVID and its effects on the economy, marketing strategies need to be re-imagined in order to maximize impact and achieve objectives.

Article by Soban Mehmood

March 18, 2022


The Impact & Importance of CMC’s Inspire Program - Arielle Rosen

Following a monthly review of employee performance, Sales Executive, Arielle Rosen was recognized for her outstanding performance and was asked to speak at the company-wide conference. We were really moved and ‘inspire-d’ by her response to the meeting lead’s question and therefore, requested her to transcribe and publish her response.

Article by Harris Khawar

January 13, 2022


What is the Future of 5G?

5G - or fifth generation - cellular network is all the rage nowadays in conversations about network connectivity of the future. Both phone manufacturers and network carriers are rolling out 5G-enabled products for consumers, as the higher frequency of millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology promises unprecedented internet speeds and network possibilities. However, there are a number of challenges that impede the rapid deployment of 5G in mobile phones and digital devices across the globe, as companies cautiously navigate the tricky road towards successfully expanding the technology on a massive scale.

Article by Harris Khawar

November 04, 2021


The Rising Importance of the On-Demand Workforce in Post-Pandemic Times

One of the most important changes in the workplace post-pandemic is the increasing importance of on-demand workers. While outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers has been prevalent for many years, companies are now partnering with independent experts for a wide range of highly specific and technical tasks, including research, managerial and entrepreneurial roles, and the reliance on contractual working arrangements is set on a sharply upward trajectory. Companies stand to gain much in terms of labor flexibility and productivity returns from this emerging trend, but need to overcome significant organizational and technical challenges in order to capitalize on it.

Article by Harris Khawar

October 27, 2021


Direct Sales in the midst of a Pandemic

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies have struggled with direct sales and customer engagement. The pandemic completely changed the business and marketing world, and in order to not suffer losses in revenues that were experienced by many other businesses during the lockdown and quarantine, companies needed to innovate the way they conducted sales and how they advertised. This not only included new ways to engage and promote their products to customers, but also new ways to keep their brand and their workforce going during the lockdown and quarantine. Alex Svenson discusses further in the following article...

Article by Alex Svenson

October 18, 2021


How Cryptocurrency has changed the Economy

Cryptocurrency, which is defined as “decentralized digital currency where computer-generated coins are stored in an online database and transferred directly from person to person without regulation from banks or governments”, have become a widespread and popular form of currency, particularly amongst young consumers. This popularity in cryptocurrency is due to transaction fees being much lower than traditional banking, their ability to be used as valid currency in nearly every country, the inability to freeze a user‘ s account, and the lack of existing requirements or limits to creating and running an account. More and more companies have accepted cryptocurrency as a valid form of currency, since the introduction of Bitcoin back in 2009, and what has once been an obscure and somewhat shady way to make transactions, has become the future of the modern market economy...

Article by Alex Svenson

October 7, 2021


Gen Z Shopping Trends

Gen Z, - young people born around the turn of the 21st century - have become the generation most indulged in shopping. Being the first generation to grow up with the internet, technology is interwoven in their everyday lives, which exposes them to the prevalence of online shopping and fast fashion more than anyone else. Since Gen Z are becoming the next generation of the workforce and consumer markets, it is important to understand their shopping trends and habits...

Article by Alex Svenson

September 28, 2021